This was one of my favourite finds and hardest projects to date. I found this Dining Room set  at ReStore for just $49.00.  The chairs are 'exactly' the same as the office chair I just re-did so I could already see the end result. Who would pass that up?

What I used:

1. Dining Room Set - ReStore $49.00

2. Grey/White Paint that I already had

3. Sand Paper- Dollar Store $1.15

4. Fabric- Fabric Land (2 meters) $12.00

Total Cost: $62.15

Here we go!

Step 1. Start by unscrewing all of the seats from your chairs. This was MUCH harder than it looked. Took me an hour just to take all of the screws out because many of them were extremely stiff. 

Step 2. Sand all of your chairs. 

What they looked like when I was finished sanding. (below) 

Step 3. Now it's time to mix your paint. I had some left over trim paint as well as the grey paint I used in my house. I mixed the two together at a 50/50 ratio.  (Make sure you mix well.... unless you want different coloured chairs)

One hour later: One chair is done. 

The texture of the chair is very grainy. If that's the look you're going for great! If not, follow my next step.  

Step 4. When a chair is dry take a different paint brush, dip it into just the grey paint and quickly go over the chair once again.  

(What I did: Once I finished painting a chair I went to the chair before it (which had now dried) and proceeded with step 4).

Step 4 will give you a texture like this:  

Step 5. Now it's time to cover your seats. Lay your fabric out. 

Step 6. Cut your fabric to size. 

Step 7. Staple your fabric to the back of your seat.  (For more help with this click here)

* TIP: Fold your corners like you would a present. 

Step 8. Screw your seats back into your chairs.

This is how they turned out. I'm absolutely thrilled! I put four in my kitchen. Stay tuned... the table is next. 

 This chair is now on display in our front hall. 

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  1. as one of my favourite finds and hardest projects to date. I found this Dining Room set at ReStore for just $49.00. The chairs are 'exactly' the same as the ...