Aug 8, 2013


Well, it's summer... and I have barely been outside. You can just imagine how pastey white my Irish skin is. So I ventured to my local Shoppers to pick up some tanning lotion for a friend's wedding. I didn't know what to buy but I had read some great reviews about this St. Tropez product. I've watched many online videos that indicate just how great the tan is and how 'streak free' it dries. At one point I almost ordered it online!  When I saw it at Shoppers I had to buy it to try it out for myself. My trial, to my surprise, did not match up to the reviews. This was the worst tanning lotion I have ever used. It didn't have a smell which was a BIG plus, however, it came off on everything I touched, it was streaky on my skin and it clumped in my armpits! Totally embarrassing when I was lifting my arms as the MC! I hope I can save you the 22 dollars. You can see in the picture next to me (I'm in the orange)... WITH the tanning lotion on I still look quite pale. 

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