Aug 22, 2012


Such a cute and easy way to add some decoration to some basic candle holders. All you need is:

- glass candle holders
- votive candles
- yarn
- double stick tape
- and scissors

1. Wrap the tape around your candle holder. You can use about 2 or 3 rows and just space them out.

2. Stick your yarn to the candle holder in a vertical direction and then start wrapping your yarn around horizontally.

3. Wrap until the yarn completely covers your glass. 

4. When you run out of string... use the small bit that's left to tie a not with the vertical piece you left when yous tarted. 

5. Enjoy your cozy candles. 

(Photos courtesy of: Delightfully


Aug 15, 2012


This is a fun project that's great for gifts. It's inexpensive, easy to do and fun!

To start things off  here are the items you will need:

1) Mod Podge- (I bought the Matte version)
2) Printer Paper
3) Tissue Paper
4) Tape
5) Canvas- (I bought mine at the dollar store)
6) Iron 
7) A foam brush 
8) Scissors

Start things off by cutting your tissue paper  so that it is large enough to fit over a piece of printer paper (It doesn't have to be neat).  Fold the edges of your tissue and tape them down to your piece of paper.

Now you can iron out your tissue paper so there are no wrinkles. Once you're done... place it in the printer and print off your picture.

Next you'll need to cover your entire canvas with Mod Podge. You can use a foam brush or a paint brush.

Now, tape your tissue paper picture with the (printed side facing upward) to the surface you will be working on. Make sure it's flat! Take your canvas (with the podge already on it) and place it face down on top of your picture. 

 * Make sure your ink is facing the canvas (and not away from it) or this will happen.

The next step is use your foam brush to cover your tissue completely in the podge. Then let it dry. I left mine outside and it took only 20 minutes!

The last step is to trim the tissue paper on the edges. If there is any hangover tissue... first podge the canvas so the tissue will stick and then podge once more ontop of the tissue hanging over the eges. Then let it dry.
In the end you've got a beautiful work of art to hang on your wall or to give as a gift!


Everytime I watch this it makes me smile.... and yes I've watched it several times. Enjoy this rendition of Call Me Maybe!

Aug 1, 2012


What a great idea to create your own decorative pillow. I love this! Click here to find out how you can make yours.


Nicola Jones and I spent a day together making our own vision boards. They are easy to make and important to have in your life. Now YOU can make your own! Nicola is hosting a Vision Board Workshop. What a great opportunity to In-vision what you want out of your life!