1. Decorating your banister.

With some garland, some lights, ribbon and some nick nacks you can create a beautiful Christmas Banister. I find this to be the most important because it sets the mood and the tone for your entire house. *Remember to pick a colour scheme. 
(My favourite: winter white and silver)

2. Changing up a few pillows.

I can't wait to try out this DIY. All you need... a blank pillow and a sharpie. Stay tuned because I will definitely be doing this sometime soon.

3. Using birch logs as decoration. 

For some reason I just LOVE the look of white birch logs. I find that they bring a little bit of the wintery outdoors inside. Check out the DIYs below: 

Birch logs in a bucket. Easy peasy!

Birch logs as table decorations. 

Birch logs in urns at your front door. Simple & classic.

Birch logs in a garbage pail near your fireplace. Doesn't sound that fancy but look how great this looks!

4. Christmas Wreath. 

I started working on my christmas wreath today. Picked up my nick nacks at Michaels Craft Store. I'm using my fall wreath and just giving it an update. We'll see how this turns out. 

A snow covered wreath. 
Sounds like a white spray paint project to me!

A feathered wreath. 
I have a feeling this might be difficult to make. You'd need a lot of time, a TON of feathers and a glue gun.

5. Christmas Ornaments on display.

How great do these look? All you need... a vase and some christmas ornaments to go with your decor.

Great decoration for an entrance or side table. 

You can display them on top of your fireplace. 

Or how about using them as a dining room centre piece? 

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