What I used:

  • Garland $2.00
  • LED Lights $3.00
  • Batteries $2.00
  • Ornaments $3.00
  • Pinecones $1.00
  • Sparkly Birds $1.00 x 2

Total Costs: $13.00

For more on how to make garland for your fireplace click here

Step 1. Fold your garland in half.

Step 2. Twist your garland. 

Step 3. Add your lights. Wrap the lighting around the garland and in some spots slide it through the centre of the twist. 

*Tip: you can turn them to see exactly how they'll look as you place them.

Step 4. Now it's time to add your nick nacks! Place your pine cones and ornaments on top of your garland. No need for glue or tape. You can tie the ornaments with string but I decided to just let them sit on top. Ask yourself... how much will your fireplace be moving around? 

Step 5. Enjoy!

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