Mar 6, 2013


3 Tips for Better Poached Eggs 

Use the freshest eggs possible: As eggs get older, the whites start to become looser and the amount of thick inner white starts to decrease. Check the date on your eggs — the fresher the better. 

Poach in a few inches of water: You don't need much water to poach an egg. An inch or two will do the trick nicely and will also keep the egg from bobbing around in the water, thus keeping it in a tidy package. 

Heat the water to a rapid simmer: Heat the water to a rapid simmer, add the cracked eggs, and then immediately turn down the heat to low. You want the water hot enough to start setting the proteins in the egg whites immediately, but not so hot that the boiling water tears the delicate whites before they can set. Once the eggs have been added, a low heat is all you need to maintain a good poaching temperature.

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